• Is there a contract of employment and does a Granny receive pay?

    No. This kind of occupation is a private deal between au pairs and hosts. There is no contract and no wage. The Granny receives free board and lodging and the opportunity of staying somewhere she wants to be.

  • What does the membership cost?

    You only pay the membership fee for the duration you choose. You find the current prices for the different kinds of membership on the page Service + Costs.

    You can contact an unlimited number of Grannys or host families during the duration of your membership.
    The first contact is made via the profile of the chosen member.

  • Which additional costs can a Granny expect?

    The Granny should take out a foreign health insurance policy.
    For tips and help around that topic, you can contact us 

    Some countries require tourist visas or even regular visas for an extended stay.
    For tips and help around that topic, you can contact us 

    In some cases the host family might pay part of the travel expenses, but usually the Granny has to pay her own trip.
    For assistance with planning your voyage, you can contact us 

  • Which tasks are awaiting the Granny?

    The main task with your host family is obviously child care. If both sides agree, light housework might also be a part of it. The scope of a Granny’s work should be agreed upon before the trip begins.

  • Is there an age limit for being a Grandma-aupair?

    No, we at Grandma-aupair address the generation 50+ The upper limit is set by the Granny, she decides whether she is up to it.

  • Is knowledge of the language required?

    No, it is part of the adventure of Grandma-aupair, to learn a new language or improve on your existing skills.

  • What skills should a Granny have?

    Basic requirements are flexibility, openness for new experiences, self-reliance and active participation in the family.

  • What are the physical requirements of being a Granny?

    You need to be fit enough to master daily life with childern and thus support the family.

  • How do I become a member?
    1. Sign up for free
    2. Create your profile by filling out the profile form
    3. Choose the duration of your membership
    4. Pay by wire transfer or PayPal

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