The end of a working career.

What a treat! But too early to do nothing.

Off to the US for three months. An adventure in a foreign language. I was quite surprised how casually and calmly a linguistic novice is welcomed.

I took care of a child in the beautiful city of Washington DC. Part-time, of course. I took walks through the city, with a cute little lad of 11 months; we went to playgrounds and play-groups.


Fotoalbum-2I had the evenings and weekends for myself. It went perfectly. The parents offered to extend the stay by three months. In such a beautiful city with so many things to do in your free time – a lot of it free of charge – I didn’t have to think twice. Trips to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore made the time pass in a hurry. Our goodbyes were tearfull. What remains: the memory of lovable people I am still in touch with today.

The next year, I found another family, again in the US, but this time on the West Coast, in San Francisco. What a welcome this city provided – how I enjoyed it!


Fotoalbum-3This time, my companion was a sweet little girl of one year. Again, I saw interesting parts of the city with houses ranging from beautiful to terrific. Parks, you could spend days in. Or you take the pram to one of the islands, by ferry.

Trips to Los Angeles, bus rides on the marvelous coastal road and to Yosemite National Park. San Francisco is a dream, and how great is it, when you get to live it!

The six months simply flew by, again.



This is the story of my own personal experiences as a Granny, and how they gave me the key ingredients for my idea:

And who knows, maybe you are about to start a new chapter of your life and maybe you can make a few dreams come true youreself. is here to help you with finding your journey.

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